PCB Manufacturing

PCB fabrication providing consistent high quality PCB boards and extremely competitive price.

Double Sided PCB, 1-24layers PCB, multilayer Rigid PCB board, 1-10layer Flexible Circuit Board.

High TG, 8mil Drill and 4mil Line, Impedance, Buried/ blind via, hole filling ink, Via in Pad, BGA.

Quality Assurance Procedures, IPC standards, ISO 9001(2008), RoHS-compliant, UL certified.

Our team of experienced PCB engineers and the latest production machinery are waiting you.

 PCB Gerber files

There are so many different versions of PCB files today in order to avoid version conflicts, please provide us with Gerber RS-274-X format files, that will greatly help during we use CAM350 quote and PCB fabrication.
Important information not often easily identifiable in the gerber files, it is kindly have a PCB fabrication guidelines file that explain your circuit board fabrication requirement, such as PCB board material, board thickness, copper weight, layer stack sequence, surface finished, solder mask and silkscreen colors, and so on.
Hescon accept Altium, Protel design files for quote, please exporting gerber files for PCB manufacturing. a full set PCB files include Gerber files, NC drill data and outline files.
Attached all of Gerber files and text in a zip format, and name the files so that we can find them easily next time.

 Quality Assurance

Hescon factory has passed the certification of international quality system as TS16949(2009), ISO14001 (2004), ISO9001(2008), UL certified, and all of its products follow the IPC, ROHS standards.
All of  boards will be 100% Inspection and E-test before delivery. In rare circumstances that some of boards not pass the testing, we will remake new boards to meet the order quantity.
In some rare occasion, if you received the boards that is not meet your PCB design file, or there are some fabrication mistakes, please point out the discrepancy between the design file and PCB board, also you can include pictures to support your claim. YES, we will remake / rework or return all of your payment.
 Attention, PCB manufacturing according to the quotation that you got, so please check carefully the Order Description about PCB Material, Board thickness, Color, Surface, Special Technology requirements and so on. It is difficult to reparation if the final product did accordance with quotation.

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